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Nutritional Counseling

As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches health from a holistic point of view, the importance of diet and lifestyle is not to be ignored. “We are what we eat,” although a somewhat trite statement, is not really all that far off. In TCM it is understood that the body takes what we eat and transforms it into the highly refined substance called Qi. It is this Qi or energy that we use to get through our day, think clearly, and fight off pathogens. It is said that the quality of this Qi may be reflected through our skin and hair. Nutritional CounselingPeople with acne issues, for instance, would benefit from a diet of clean and unrefined foods that have a nourishing yet cooling effect associated with them. Those with dry skin and/or brittle hair would benefit from a diet of foods that are nourishing to the blood and moisturizing. A diet of processed foods that have little to no “life” left in them may very well leave a lifeless impression in our skin through evidence of a dull shine and an either overly dry or oily constitution. People with slow to heal or chronic musculoskeleta issues may benefit from more blood building foods while those with sleep difficulties may benefit from foods that are found to be more stabilizing in nature.

Instruction in overall digestive system mechanics is incorporated as well as guidelines for healthy eating habits. We can assist in tailoring a diet to your specific needs that will improve not only your skin's appearance but also your overall health.