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Constitutional Facial Rejuvination

Originating with the Sung Dynasty in China about 1,000 years ago, Constitutional Facial Renewal (CFR) is a holistic approach to facial health and good looks. Working on your face and inherent body strengths, this treatment promotes overall health while focusing on the visible aspects of the face. CFR is a unique combination of acupuncture, herbal masks, and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities that truly work to achieve a healthful complexion from the inside out.

How does it work?

Because CFR is constitutional in nature, we take into account a person's complete health picture, with special emphasis on diet and lifestyle. This ensures an overall health benefit and leads to more lasting effects.

How many treatments?

Differences can be seen in one treatment, but for enduring effects we generally suggest a course of 10 sessions to start. (For those who have been, or are currently, smokers, more treatments may be necessary to gain the desired effects.) Weekly treatments are suggested at first, and once the desired effects are achieved, monthly treatments are usually enough for maintenance.


Please note that if you have had a migraine within the last two months, have recently undergone a Western-style facelift, have recently had Botox injections, or are pregnant, this may not be the treatment of choice for you at this time. Please call for a consultation to discuss your treatment options with us.